Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bedding Comforter Cover

This QUEEN size, premium artist designed Star Wars bedding, features the Millennium Falcon flying stealth over the Earth.

Also available in KING and FULL sizes, this 88-inch square duvet comforter cover is for the Star Wars fan with discriminating tastes who appreciates the “special modifications” made to this deceptively shabby freighter’s exterior.

The Millennium Falcon, beneath its hull, is known as much for its speed, shielding and performance as it is known for its unpredictability and hyperdrive mishaps at the command of Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca.

It was the historic Battle of Yavin where Solo and Chewbacca flew the Falcon to save Luke Skywalker from Imperial TIE fighters. This allowed Luke to fire the shot that destroyed the Death Star.

On a deep space black background, peppered with stars, the artist has illustrated Millennium Falcon, surrounded by neon blue coloring suggesting its warp travel above Earth.

Shades of battleship gray, blue, white with black make this a striking design for covering any queen size mattress.

Millennium Falcon Star Wars Bedding

Signed by the artist, this Star Wars comforter cover is hand sewn and meticulously crafted to provide you with a unique bedding design — setting yours apart from that readily available on big box store shelves.

A duvet comforter cover opens up many design possibilities catering to all fans with the larger mattress sizes. It can wrap an existing, perhaps “tired” comforter in a new, fresh design. A duvet cover will also fit a duvet insert of the same size.

Fabric is 100 percent polyester microfiber. Microfiber is a super soft polyester fabric weave that resists wrinkles, static, stains and fabric runs.

It is a non-slip fabric that will hold a comforter or insert well without sliding and is designed with a durable hidden zipper making it easy to wrap and conceal an existing comforter or duvet insert as well as remove it for cleaning.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Duvet Cover Facts

  1. This is a QUEEN size duvet cover with a signed artist’s rendering of this infamous Star Wars freighter flying over the Earth.
  2. It is made in the USA and measures 88-inches by 88-inches fitting a standard QUEEN size mattress measuring 60-inches wide by 80-inches long.
  3. Vivid colors and clear, crisp detailing are shown in shades of gray, black, blue and white on one side of the cover with the reverse side in a solid soft white.
  4. Laundry InstructionsExpertly hand sewn, this Star Wars queen bedding is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber. Microfiber is stain, static and wrinkle resistant and because this is a special fabric weave, it is also breathable. The fabric is also non-slip holding an insert in place.
  5. The concealed zipper makes wrapping an existing comforter or duvet easy as well as removing it for cleaning.
  6. This duvet cover can be machine washed in cold water and can be tumble dried on a low to medium heat setting. Bleaching should be avoided.
  7. Avoid high heat dryer settings with microfiber as this may damage the fabric.
  8. This Star Wars bedding is also available in FULL and KING sizes. The FULL size measures 79-inches square and the KING size measures 104-inches by 88-inches.
  9. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website.
  10. Pricing will vary depending on the size you choose.