Cool Star Wars Lamp – Millennium Falcon Night Light Design

This Star Wars lamp has a unique Millennium Falcon design that will add a soft, colorful glow to the intricate detailing of this infamous Han Solo modified YT-1300 light freighter.

The night light features the Millennium Falcon in a schematic design suggesting its dominance — equipped with enhanced powercyclers, high volume gas feeds, custom laser actuators and concussion missile launchers giving this airship the ability to destroy a TIE Fighter in a single shot.

For the Star Wars fan, this smart night light is the perfect gift to yourself or someone else and would greatly complement the Star Wars themed bedroom, den, office or man cave.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp Design

  1. This is a remote controlled, multi-color Star Wars night light with smart features.
  2. The premium etched acrylic Millennium Falcon schematic virtually glows in any of 7 different colors selected by you through either the remote or the “Smart Button” on the lamp base.
  3. The included remote allows you to adjust brightness up or down and power on and off.
  4. You also have four control options, on the remote to choose how the Millennium Falcon night light colors are displayed — Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth.
  5. This operates on three (3) button-type CR2025 batteries — not included but inexpensive and available for purchase separately.
  6. Star Wars Night LightThe LED energy efficient lighting, on a charge or with batteries, is good for up to 50,000 hours or more of use.
  7. Measuring approximately 6-inches wide and 10-inches in height, this makes an attractive addition to any nightstand, end table, desk, bookshelf, dresser or bar top.
  8. Included with this Star Wars lamp is a USB cable to power from your laptop or USB charger.
  9. Overall product weight is less than one pound.

Important Ordering Information

  1. This Star Wars Millennium Falcon lamp is made from an acrylic Plexiglas material outside the US and is imported.
  2. This is a button-type CR2025 battery operated or USB charged LED lighting device. USB cable is included, batteries are not.
  3. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this Star Wars bedroom decor website.
  4. Pricing will change based on supplier, availability and demand.