Star Wars Jango Fett Clone Trooper Throw Pillow

This 16×16-inch Star Wars throw pillow features an abstract artisan design of a Clone Trooper, Part of the Republic Army, cloned by the Kaminoans after an order from Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas.

This Star Wars clone trooper was a creation of millions by bounty hunter Jango Fett for the Grand Army of the Republic. This trooper from the 501st Elite Legion served in the Clone Wars and was returned to Coruscant at the fall of the Old Republic.

clone trooperThe first of the combat ready units they were an elite division of soldiers commissioned by Chancellor Palpatine.

These Troopers were outfitted in the standard equipment — Phase 1 battle armor, DC-15A blaster rifle, DC-15S blaster carbine and thermal grenades.

Star Wars Clone Trooper Throw Pillow Design

  1. This is a premium, artist designed Star Wars pillow that measures 16×16-inches. It is also available in 18×18 and 20×20.
  2. The artist has captured, in abstract a Clone Trooper helmet. The clone troopers armor was based on Jango Fett’s Mandalorian shock trooper armor and that included the helmet’s distinctive T-shape visor, the special full-faced design and breathe filter. Rank was determined by the color worn on their helmet with blue being the rank of lieutenant commander.
  3. Shades of blue, green, teal, ivory, gray, black and white provide a cool color palette for coordinating with other Star Wars bedroom accessories.
  4. This is a two-sided design meaning this Clone Trooper commander is featured on both sides of the pillow cover.

Jango Fett Clone Trooper Commander Helmet

Clone Trooper Pillow Fabric and Care

  1. This Star Wars themed pillow cover is made from 100 percent spun polyester poplin fabric.
  2. It is meticulously cut, hand sewn and features a concealed nylon zipper for easy removal when cleaning.
  3. Inside is a white pillow insert that is hypo-allergenic, double stitched for strength and overfilled for loft.
  4. Pre-treat any stained or soiled areas with a color-safe spot cleaner or spray or use a damp sponge.
  5. The Trooper cover is machine washable in cold or warm water using a mild detergent and can be tumble dried on low heat.
  6. Avoid bleach, hot water and high heat dryer setting that can damage fabric fibers.

Useful Ordering Information

  1. As an artisan design, this pillow is not available in any big box retailer and it is only available for purchase online.
  2. Each pillow cover is made to order in the USA, can be order with or with the insert and is available to ship in just 3 to 5 business days.
  3. This Clone Trooper fabric print is also available as other Star Wars decor through the link below.
  4. Pricing will be based on the size pillow you select and has not been determined by this website.