Luke Skywalker X-Wing Fighter Star Wars Duvet Cover

This artist designed QUEEN Star Wars duvet cover captures Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 in the X-Wing starfighter, used by the Rebel Alliance in battling the Galactic Empire.

Measuring 88-inches by 88-inches, this QUEEN size duvet cover will fit a standard queen mattress. A queen mattress measures 60-inches wide by 80-inches long so the drape of this cover would be about 14-inches on each side of the bed.

X-wing starfighterThe X-Wing, piloted by Luke, is well remembered for maneuvering through the meridian trench of Death Star I where Luke fires the proton torpedoes into the exhaust port causing a chain reaction that ultimately destroyed the Death Star.

This image was displayed at the 2009 Star Wars Exhibition in Madrid, Spain, commemorating Star Wars 30th anniversary festivities in Europe.

The X-Wing Comforter Cover Look

  1. Luke Skywalker is visible at the controls wearing his helmet with the Alliance Starbird insignia. His flight suit is detailed with the vest, ejection straps and chest box so familiar in the films.
  2. R2-D2 is strategically illustrated at the top of the sloped cockpit frame of the X-Wing fighter where rounds fired in a dogfight would likely fly over his head.
  3. Colors are in muted shades of yellow, ivory, rust, gray, blue, black and green in a warm display that will complement other Star Wars bedroom accessories.
  4. This is a one-sided design meaning the X-Wing Starfighter is featured in section only on one side of the cover with the reverse side being a soft, solid white.
  5. It is meticulously hand sewn and made to the highest quality standard with a concealed nylon zipper for a rich appearance, easy maintenance and long useful wear.

Rebel Alliance X-Wing Starfighter

Star Wars Duvet Cover Fabric

  1. This premium comforter cover is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber fabric.
  2. Each fabric strand is thinner than a human hair offering an incredibly high thread count per square inch for a super soft feel and strength.
  3. This weave also allows the fabric to breathe as well as making it static, stain and wrinkle resistant. The fabric finish keeps your existing comforter or insert in place with slipping or bunching.

Star Wars X-Wing Bedding Care

  1. This Star Wars bedding is machine washable in cold water with a mild detergent.
  2. It can be tumble dried on a low to medium heat setting. Hot dryers can damage and degrade polyester fibers.
  3. Bleach and microfiber do not perform well together so chlorine and color-safe bleaches should be avoided.
  4. If you choose to iron this, only the lowest heat setting should be used so you don’t scorch the fabric.

Important Information

  1. This is a premium bedding option that is not available in any big box retailer and is only available online.
  2. It will appeal to the Star Wars fan looking for a unique bedding design who has an appreciation for artisan design.
  3. This is also available in FULL and KING sizes, in addition to the QUEEN size reviewed here — through the link below.
  4. Comforter cover is made to order in the USA and is ready to ship to buyers in just 3 to 5 business days.
  5. A duvet cover is an inexpensive option to completely change the look of a bedroom especially when partnered with coordinating room accessories that play off the colors in the cover.