Jedi Master Yoda Star Wars Pillow Pal Value

This Star Wars 15-inch Yoda plush pillow honors one of the most powerful and renowned Jedi Masters in galactic history.

Plush Yoda is a “Pillowtime Pal” which is a trademark of Jay Franco and Sons who have been in the business of imaginative bedding for over 60 years.

You can grace your Star Wars themed bedroom with this legendary Master of “The Force” whose skills in lightsaber combat were only matched by his wisdom.

Yoda comes from an unnamed species in the Star Wars films and is the most well-known member of his kind.

Yoda Star WarsTrue to the Star Wars films characterization, this pillow buddy has the sharp elfin ears, ridges on the forehead and the tridactyl (having 3 fingers and toes) hands and feet.

The leathery skin of the Yoda species in the Star Wars movies and their blood were both light green.

Pillowtime Yoda, as a plush toy, is featured in this light green color with darker green embroidered accents making him easily recognizable by fans of the films and his character.

He is made from a super soft polyester synthetic fiber that is woven to resemble fur and he is full of huggable polyester fiber fill. Yoda’s arms are long enough for toting around and his legs are long enough to remain stable in a sitting position should you choose to add him to your Star Wars bed.

Facts about this Star Wars Yoda Pillowtime Pal

  • This Yoda pillow buddy is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • He measures about 15-inches in length from the top of his head to the tip of his toes
  • As a point of reference, a standard bed pillow is 26-inches long
  • Yoda’s legs are long enough that he can sit if using him as an accent pillow with a Star Wars bedding set
  • This Pillowtime Pal is made from a 100 percent polyester synthetic fiber designed to look like fur
  • The stuffing inside this Yoda Plush toy pillow is 100 percent polyester fiber
  • Seams are tightly stitched for some serious play
  • Details are richly embroidered – this means no sharp edges, buttons or part will pose a hazard
  • Yoda is SPOT CLEAN ONLY and is not machine washable
  • Some parents have indicated machine washing success but this is not recommended by the manufacturer
  • This is made by Jay Franco and Sons who have made quality themed bedding for over 60 years
  • Prices for this Yoda Pillowtime Pal are set by the supplier and not this website
  • Prices will change based on the popularity and availability of this Star Wars Pillow Pal
  • As of this writing, Yoda is deeply discounted and a great value for his size